A Wonderful Spring Party – by Jennifer Trovato

Kathrin Gövert and her husband Holger kindly welcomed IWA Modena members and their partners, as well as non-members, into their home for a fabulous party to celebrate spring!  The event took place on Saturday, March 11, and everything from the weather to the food and of course the guests was great.

Guests showcased some of their fabulous cooking skills by bringing a dish to share.  There was also some fancy footwork going on as many people were on the dancefloor moving and grooving to the DJ’s music.  These ladies (and men) can dance!

It’s always terrific to have an opportunity to get to know both newer members as well as those who have been around the group for a while.  It never ceases to amaze me that I can always learn something new from someone.

Thanks again to Kathrin and Holger for being our amazing hosts!


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