Poster for Powerful Mind and Movement Online Event for IWAM

Powerful Mind and Movement

Powerful Mind and Movement Online Event

We are so happy to start the new year with an online event; POWERFUL MIND AND MOVEMENT.

All of us need the time to take a break from our daily routine and dedicate time to ourselves. This event is exactly what we need! Our 3 amazing members are volunteering to give us one and a half hours of body and mind movement tuition. They are all very professional and run their own courses both in-person and online.

The event is open to all our IWA members and held on Zoom. Please reserve your place sending WhatsApp messages to Inbal Haim. You need to have your mat and comfortable clothes and your energy, and each session should be around 30 minutes long:

Lena Milosevic

Yoga and Meditation teacher, Life Alignment and Massage Practitioner.
We will kick off with Lena, who will guide you through a series of powerfully grounding embodiment exercises, bringing full awareness to the energetics of your body. Steady breathing initiates movement in this whole-body warm-up.

Suzanne Foster

Suzanne will continue the practice by activating the muscles that align the body. With the use of breath, imagery and tactile cueing she will guide the body into verticality with space and lightness.

Lily Vayer

Lily will close the practice with soothing stretches to help you unwind. She will then guide you into the final relaxation pose, Shavasana, a crucial pose to calm and restore the body and mind.


05 Feb 2022


09:00 - 11:00




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