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Our Story

It might be destiny or just amazing coincidence that the city’s motto is: “Avia Pervia”, which translates into “let difficult paths made be easy to walk”. These two words, representing the city of Modena, are speaking from our hearts, as they are identical to our goals as an association.

A deep wish to help others, who are in the same situation like so many of us had been once, was the key driver to build this association, which has grown unbelievably fast since our foundation in December 2014.  

What We Do


Bi-weekly coffee mornings and aperitivos. Business lunches and seminars. Evening events at special occasions. 


We are planning the second charity event in November 2019 to support Casa Delle Donne with a project called “Operazione: everyday essentials.


Once a year we gather for the Annual General Meeting, a Thank You aperitivo for all the volunteers and the Christmas Dinner for our members.

community support

You will be informed by our monthly newsletter about activities offered by the association and the city. We have a lively WhatsApp group to answer all your questions. 

Our Mission

We are an organization of women to women with the scope of making newcomers feel instantly at home in their foreign environment and for providing stimulating and enriching new experiences for those who call Modena their home.
We would like to offer opportunities, where we have fun and relaxed conversations (in a familiar language), where we can help each other through support and transfer of knowledge, where we can find new friends and enjoy interesting company, make professional contacts and exchange experiences, and last but not least learn about the beauty and culture of Italy and of our enchanting home-town Modena.

IWA in numbers


IWA Modena has grown steadily since its foundation 4 years ago. Many members have been with us for several years and we keep growing!


We have members from Germany, US, UK,  Greece, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Hungary, India, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, Palestine, Portugal, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and more.


Our members know life in Italy pretty well. On average they lived here for 15 years (without locals, 6 years).


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Latest News

An insight into the legal aspects of life in Italy

The IWA Modena women who attended the Lawyer’s Aperitivo at Mon Café in Modena’s Centro on Wednesday June 3 at 7:30 pm were certainly glad they did because of the helpful “real life” information they learned. Expert advice was provided by Pier Luigi Guidastri,...

Expo Milano 2015 – by Kathrin Gövert

This May I took my children (aged 10, 7 & 4) out of school to have a glimpse of the Expo Milano. On a pretty hot day we arrived at the world trade show, filled with anticipation at what we were going to see. Oscar, the youngest, first had to overcome the shock...

30 May – 2 June: Feed your mind and body

Four days dedicated to useful ideas for leading and living a life full of energy and for a sustainable future. In Parco Giovanni Amendola in Modena from Saturday 30 May, there will be workshops, conferences, shows and activities for little ones on the theme of...

IWA Modena Family Day

On Sunday, May 17 from 11am to 4pm the first IWA Modena Family Day took place at Club Meridiana in Casinalbo. This was the first family event of the Association, since its foundation in December 2014, and a joyful occasion for the families to spend together some...

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