Interest Groups

IWA Modena aims to support a diverse range of interest groups for our members.
If you would like to start an interest group, please contact us.

Similarly, if you would like to join one of our many groups, please contact the group leader below and give them your mobile number to be added to the WhatsApp group chat.


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Our Interest Groups

IWAM Bikers

An enthusiastic group of cyclists who explore the countryside or discover towns and cities by bike, although only at a very leisurely pace!
We are not ‘Giro d’Italia’ level but this is a great way of seeing the area and getting outdoors.

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Group leaders:
Liz Dirjal and Nathalie Annequin

IWAM Book Club

A social group for literature lovers with monthly readings and reunions to discuss literature, exchange books and enjoy the coming together of minds with a variety of conversation-starter topics.

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Group leaders:
Sam Frearson-Tubito and
Elisabeth Rodríguez

IWAM Business Table

A business-minded group to discuss professional topics ideal for freelancers and business owners. Sharing events, advice and a wealth of knowledge related to professional practices and scenarios and occasional co-working meetups.

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Group leaders:
Gisele Gurgel and Simone Zaminer

IWAM Creatives

An inspiring and motivating community for anyone interested in creative activities, to network with like-minded women and share project ideas, workshops or events and tips or recommendations. Sub-groups are also created for specific creatives activities at times too.

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Group leaders: Kelly Rooker and Lena Milosevic

IWAM Family Group

A supportive group for family-centered topics to exchange ideas and ask about all things family.
Day trip ideas, projects to do with children or advice about schooling. Whatever you know or need to know, it’s likely there will be someone here to help.

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Group leaders: Rebekah Chircop and Pam Merkely

IWAM Foodaholics

A mouth-watering topic and group to talk and think about food. Sharing recipes, culinary experiences, organizing cooking classes and outings, this group will encourage you to try something new and experience a world of cooking you are yet to enjoy.

Group leaders: Shilpi Mehrotra and Silvia Palma

IWAM Gardening

A place where you can ask any garden related questions, post pictures, articles or videos related to horticulture, share your ideas, experiences and knowledge on plants, harvesting and garden design, recommend the best plant nurseries in the area and lots more.

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Group leaders:
Daniela Treiber and
Stephàn Boerhof

IWAM Greeners

An environmentally-focused group who share information, questions and ideas about ecological products, sustainable practices for beauty, home, food and shopping. This group supports the sustainability project led by Janet as well.
Making our lives greener can come in small steps and is definitely easier with support and encouragement from others.
Group leader: Sofia Angidou

IWAM Italian Language

A learning and sharing group for anybody who wants to begin and practice communicating in Italian: we’re here to do so together!
We’re all about organizing meetups and get-togethers speaking in Italian. All levels of Italian learners and speakers are welcome!

Group leaders: Lisa Aelbers and Rosy Ferrara

IWAM Puppy Lovers Interest Group-photo of a group of dogs in the park

IWAM Puppy Lovers

A group of women that have a wagging-tail family member. We share information, experiences, ask questions about our puppies and sometimes meet for playdates with your 4-legged friends.  If you have a dog or are thinking of getting one, it would be our pleasure to have you as part of our group.

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Group leaders:
Lena Milosevic and
Maria Ortega Villanueva

Woman walking away alone, along a ridge on top of a steap hill wearing a skirt, leggings, t shirt, backpack and hat

IWAM Walking/Hiking

An exploration and fitness-related group of women who love getting outdoors and stretching their legs while enjoying taking in the scenery and fresh air. Of course, it’s always a pleasure to share the view and experience mother nature with others too!

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Group leader: Pam Merkley