Welcome Book

Living in Modena can be both an exhilarating and an exasperating experience! Our native and our longer-term members have worked hard to compile information on how to make the most of your time here. All our members get one free copy when they join IWA Modena.

The Welcome Book is your guide to enjoying many aspects of life in Modena and its surroundings.

Created by our members, for our members, the Welcome Book will help you get started with bureaucratic, telephone and other essentials for making Modena your new home, and will give you a hand finding your way through the Italian systems, whether it concerns health, transport, work or schooling issues.

Once installed in this marvellous town full of tradition and close to geographically gorgeous places, you might feel the need to find the right sports club or social activity. Perhaps you will want to know where to go for cultural events, do special outings in and around the city or just where to eat in a nice restaurant. When that time comes, you will find the Members’ Welcome Book waiting with hundreds of tips, recommendations and useful addresses for you!

All our members get a copy of the Welcome Book.

The last update was in 2023. A printed copy is available for all members. If you still don’t have yours please contact us.