Global Community Meets Local Needs Campaign 2023/24

IWA Modena is about women supporting women. We've always been a tight-knit group of incredible women lifting each other up, but guess what? We're not stopping there. Our 2023-24 campaign is all about bridging the gap between our vibrant international community and the local associations right here in Modena.

Background and our Mission

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Our slogan, ‘’Women for Women’’ inspires us to engage with our Modenese Community and to continue to support women’s associations. At our Annual General Meeting in March 2023, we asked for our members’ input into our community engagement planning… They spoke, we listened. Members wanted more insight into associations and volunteering opportunities, and guess what? We’re ready to deliver it through our Volunteer Days and IWAM chats.

Campaign Focus

In 2023 and 2024, we are asking our members to roll up their sleeves and support the community that welcomed them with open arms in Italy.


  • IWAM Volunteer Days, by volunteering and giving our time to the community that helped us integrate into life in Italy.
  • IWAM Chats, a lunch and learn series that will give members an insight into the associations in our city and discover how they can become community volunteers themselves.
    logo casa delle donne

    Past Initiatives

    Volunteer Day at Porta Aperta, September 2023

    On Saturday, 23 September, IWA Modena took over the Porta Aperta soup kitchen to cook up and serve meals for those in need alongside Chef Louis. Our members formed two groups which assisted for lunch and dinner that day. Apart from warm meals, Porta Aperta offers shelter, medical aid, clothing, and legal aid to anyone seeking help in Modena.

    logo casa delle donne

    Lunch and Learn - Casa delle Donne contro la violenza Modena, October 2023

    On Wednesday 11 October, members joined for a Lunch and Learn with Rosanna Bortolini, past President of Casa Delle Donne, contro la violenza Modena to find out about opportunities to support the association.