I met Radiana Miteva, Happiness Coach, when she had just started organizing happiness workshops in her free time​. Her radiant energy was infectious, and when she asked me to work on her webpage, I immediately said yes! The idea that our happiness is a choice we make every single day resonates deeply with me. Often, we need a little help to make the right choices, and I’m incredibly proud to contribute to Radiana’s mission to spread happiness.

In 2024, with the Business Table Group, we launched a series of events focused on personal growth, recognizing that professional fulfillment is deeply intertwined with personal development. When Radiana introduced her Life Prototyping workshop to us, it felt like a perfect fit for our international community.

Radiana’s Life Prototyping workshop introduced us to the principles of design thinking, a methodology typically used in the tech industry to solve complex problems. Radiana showed us how these principles could be applied to our personal lives and careers, encouraging us to prototype different life scenarios. This approach empowers participants to envision and thrive in various contexts, helping them to embrace change and uncertainty with confidence.

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The core of the workshop was all about learning from each other. By sharing our visions, learnings, and wisdom, we created a supportive environment where new career scenarios and possibilities didn’t seem so distant or unattainable anymore. Writing down and sharing our career aspirations and life plans with the group made them feel more tangible and achievable.

One of the most beautiful aspects of our workshop was the sense of community it fostered. Participants came from diverse backgrounds, bringing a wealth of experiences and perspectives. This diversity enriched our discussions and made the learning process more dynamic and impactful.

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Our journey with Life Prototyping workshop is just beginning. With the Business Table Group, we are committed to fostering an environment where personal and professional growth go hand in hand.

Working with Radiana has been an inspiring experience. The Life Prototyping workshop not only provided valuable tools for personal and career development but also highlighted the strength of community support. As we continue to explore new ways to grow and thrive together, I am excited about the future and the endless possibilities it holds.

You know what I loved most about the session? Your shares. I loved getting to know some aspects of you that I had no idea of. And the like the idea of finishing the session among us privately.


Great session! It was a pity we had such short time… I just realized that my happiness is elsewhere and one day I will move to the beach and surf everyday… hoping to be healthy enough 😅

Lena, that’s the beauty of a workshop, giving the opportunity for people to share their perspectives.


Agree! It was nice and after writing it down it doesn’t seem so difficult! Gisele, I’ll move to Lisbon too!


AMAZING Session indeed!!!!! Thank you all for your openness, and inspiring insights today.. into all your wildest visions, your learnings, your wisdom. Feeling truly grateful for this opportunity of sharing and learning… and really HAPPY 😍🙏

Thank you so much Ekaterina for organizing all those beautiful and inspiring sessions on personal growth 🤩💪