Run 5.30 Modena 2016

3 June

What is the 5:30Run?

The first 5.30 run took place in Modena in 2009 with 578 participants. In 2015 the project involved more than 30.000 participants in Italy and the first events were also organised in the UK and USA. The 5.30 is a 5K run/walk that takes place in the town centre at 5.30am, before a regular business day. The 5.30 run/walk is based on the promotion of an active lifestyle supported by healthy food and a touch of art. The idea is that this will increase the wellness of the people in the town where they live and work, whilst delivering a sustainable event with zero environmental impact. The additional value of the 5.30 run consists in its ability to promote positivity:

  •  encouraging people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle
  •  providing healthy organic fruit
  •  taking part in a sustainable, environmentally friendly event
  •  exposure to and involvement in different charities

When: 3 June 2016

Where: Parco Novi Sad Modena

Who: you, your friends, family, kids, adults, a run/walk for all between 0-120 yrs old.

Places limited to 3,000 plus students.

Register online here

More info from the UK site in English, with special information on its Modenese origins here