The IWAM ‘Greeners’ group has gathered some suggestions on how to make this season jolly both for your loved ones and the environment while also being careful about our environmental impact (and our wallets! ☺).

Read on for seven ways to make a green impact this holiday season, followed by some great organizations that we can buy our gifts from while making a difference.

  1. Buy less: Buy fewer presents that are practical and fill a need. Make them count by being special!
  2. Give cash or gift cards: Instead of buying just another ‘something’, give the opportunity to your loved ones to buy what they really need. It might seem kind of impersonal, but you can personalise it with a handmade card or note.
  3. Experience gifts: Buying experience vouchers, like a museum entry or wine tasting can make a memorable and special gift experience!
  4. Biodiversity gifts: Why not try some thoughtful, donated gifts to support biodiversity, like a beehive or a tree?
  5. Make your own gifts: Enjoy some creative time hand making your gifts like soaps, candles, essential oils, crochets etc. What’s more special than a handmade gift, even if it’s not perfect?
  6. Wrapping: Wrap your presents in recycled newspaper or brown paper and beautiful recycled fabric ribbon. This will save you and the environment from unnecessary wrapping waste. Plus, it will make the gift more special.
  7. Boxes: Get Xmas-themed, sturdy cardboard boxes that can be used every year, as both gift wrap and décor! 🎁😁


Presents that bring joy to the community:

If you want gifts that will also benefit others in our community while sending a message of solidarity, here are some ideas of where to look:

Our historic charity community partners Casa delle Donne contro la Violenza Modena and il Cesto di Ciliegie have some beautiful proposals:

Casa delle Donne contro la Violenza, Modena: 

They have prepared a beautiful and meaningful range of products including biological candles, mugs, t-shirts and more. All revenue goes towards supporting their work, enabling women to escape violence at home.

Cesto di Ciliege

With a donation of 10 Euros, you can gift the Stella Solidale chocolate and contribute to the purchase of high-end equipment for breast cancer screening.

Other associations in Modena:

Porta Aperta

By purchasing some Dolcem chocolate, you are helping Porta Aperta offer a hot meal to one of the many people in need in Modena. Email or call 375.591172 to reserve your chocolates. Specify your: first and last name, email, mobile number, and the quantity of chocolate requested.


They offer a selection of Christmas goodies, and all profits go towards helping the young people with autism that they support. 

Casina dei Bimbi

They offer a great selection of hand-made presents for adults and kids, offered by Casina dei Bimbi who help kids with oncological health problems and their families.

Associazione Futuro

Buy 🛍️ a panettone or a chocolate statuette 🍫 from Associazione Futuro Onlus. With your donation, you can help them carry on their projects.

Natale per l’Emilia

Italian non-profits

A wide range of charity gifts from associations and charities all across Italy.

Have a great, green, solidarity-filled holiday season!