On 14 April IWA Modena held its first annual general meeting for members. The meeting was held at the quaint Centro Culturale Teatro Guigilia in Modena’s historic city center. It was led by IWA Modena President, Simone Zaminer, who reiterated the Association’s objectives, goals, and organizational structure as well as presented an update on the impressive current membership growth rate. Kerstin Leiters, IWA Modena Treasurer, reviewed the current balance sheet and proposed budget plans for 2015. Members were able to vote on various motions proposed by the Board of Directors. The meeting concluded with Sandra Gabriele reviewing the amazing events already held by IWA Modena as well as some of the future events. The evening ended with a fun aperitivo to celebrate the group’s successes. Many thanks to all the women who were able to participate in this first annual general meeting as well as to everyone who has attended previous events. YOU are making the difference for such a great start to this wonderful Association!

Written by Jennifer Trovato