One year IWAM Biking! As the Winter break approaches, here’s a review of what our Bikers have been up to! The IWAM Biking Group currently has 22 participants and was formed by our two members Nathalie and Liz after meeting up for a ride in October 2022. The aim of the group is to motivate more ladies touring together in and around Modena on their bikes, as well as to be a source of information on cycling routes, safety tips, biking outfits, equipment and gadgets! Nathalie and Liz who are leading the Interest group, confessed that they are not aiming at a ‘Giro d’Italia’ level of activity, but rather enjoy exploring the countryside by bike through the different seasons, at a leisurely pace and in good company!

Five group members met on the very first ride back in October 2022!  By now, the IWAM Bikers have completed regular rides on routes around Casinalbo, Formigine, Magreta, Sassuolo, Montale, Maranello, Nirano, Castelvetro, River Secchia, River Tiepido and the Modena Parks, summing up to over 500km of cycling since the group started! Wishing them another successful year biking!