IWAM has been supporting the work of Casa delle Donne contro la Violenza in Modena to fight violence against women since 2018. So we couldn’t miss the chance to support also the Viva Vittoria project. A project born in 2015 out of the collaboration of three women, Viva Vittoria has run in many Italian cities aiming to raise awareness on the topic of violence against women, while empowering women to make a stand. And it does that by using a crocheting or knitting as a creative means, symbolizing the creation and growth. In practice, women collaborate by using the skill of crochet or knitting to produce 50×50 cm squares. 4 squares made by four different women are assembled by a fifth woman into a 1x1m blanket. 


In Modena, the Viva Vittoria project will be culminated on a big event on Sunday 12th March at Piazza Grande where all blankets created will cover the piazza creating a powerful and colorful canvas. More than 2500 squares are needed, currently the number is at 2157! That is 2157 squares crocheted or knitted. The blankets will be sold at the event and all money collected will be donated to sustain the work of Casa delle Donne contro la Violenza in Modena.

IWAM’s creative group have been knitting their blanket squares in a true @womenforwomen style, making us all proud that IWAM can contribute in spreading  the word and raising awareness and money about a topic so close to our heart!


How can you get involved? What is needed?

Our IWAM crochet group has been actively producing squares, newbies benefiting from crochet lessons from more experienced needleworkers. Now, Viva Vittoria needs:

  • Help sewing the squares together. Easy task, no particular skill needed. Headquarters are in Via San Carlo 26, next to Bar del Collegio
  • Participation in the human chain that will transport the blankets from Via San Carlo 26 to Piazza Grande on March 12th from 6:00 – 9:00 AM (about 250 people will be needed)
  • Lending of hands with (wo)manning the sales stand on March 12th.
  • Sharing about the project with your friends and on social media, the more people show up and buy on March 12th, the better

For signups or more info, contact Lena.


More information

For more information about our collaboration with Casa delle Donne contro la Violenza Modena you can read here.

And more information on Viva Vittoria: