When we’re kids, we easily ask this question (well, it might not be that easy if you’re shy) to make a new friend. But as we grow up and become adults, we forget how to make a new friend. We start talking about networks, relationships, and interests. And at the end of the day, we end up not recognizing that a person or a group of them can now be called friends.

It took me a while to understand that life away from my country would be lighter when I opened myself to finding people interested in the same things as me. It gets lighter because even though we’re privileged and choose to move to another country – we live where tourists spend their vacations! – the feeling of loneliness makes the heart small, and the world doesn’t seem as colorful anymore. There’s nothing better than making new friends to share the loves and despairs of expatriate life authentically.

Gardening Group Event

A few days ago, towards the end of November, our group of women from various parts of the world gathered to work in the garden of Charlotte Hansen’s agriturismo, Due Papaveri, harvesting olives. Well, that was actually a pretext for us to meet, right? We spent the entire year talking about land, flowers, gardens, and seeds in our Gardening group. Some of us are ninjas in the art of gardening. Others, like me, need many hours with their knees in the soil to learn and cultivate plants. (I still don’t know if the olive tree I planted last year in my garden is real because it seems to be the same. Is it plastic?) All I know is that it was an experience that will stay in my heart forever. For the laughs, the company, and especially for the friendship.

I’m grateful to IWAM for allowing me to be who I am and finding so many women that I now call friends. Thank you!