In collaboration with Associazione Futuro Onlus an NPO of Agenzia Generali Via Emilia Est, on the 29 th of May, IWA Modena organized a special city tour for Ukrainian families living right here in Modena and surrounding area.

The city tour took the 7 moms and 11 children around the centre, where they got to learn about the history of Modena. They were even treated to a parade of vintage cars, who drove past as part of Motor Valley Festival.

It was a true IWA team effort, with a number of our members volunteering their time to make it happen. Diletta Naldoni helped organize the families, while the city tour was lead by Francesca Soffici and translation by Daria Chernova, with the rest of the volunteers helping throughout the afternoon and handing each child and mom a Welcome Gift of toys, books, makeup and gift cards.

A big thanks to all those who donated the gifts and to the volunteers who gave their time and positive energy to welcome the families.

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