Ghirlandina in Modena

As we all know these past few months have been unbelievable in terms of witnessing a war happening on European soil. Many of our members have already contributed in more ways than one to the humanitarian crisis that is happening in Ukraine.

One of the four pillars of IWA Modena is Community Engagement; to reach out to those in need within the Modenese community so when we were contacted by a local ONLUS through one of our members we jumped at the chance to get involved and reach out to our association for contributions and ideas.

A special day out and welcome gifts for the families

Associazione Futuro, an NPO of Agenzia Generali in Via Emilia Est, reached out to us through one of our IWA Members, Diletta Naldoni, and has asked if we would be interested in collaborating with them.

The association is currently helping some Ukrainian families who are being housed by Caritas Modenese by organizing a special day out for these families. IWA Modena will support on May 29th with volunteers as well as organize some welcome gifts on that same day.

The program for the day looks like this: 

  • Firstly, the families will be hosted by Modena Rugby Club to watch the Torneo Mucchi, a well-known rugby tournament here in Modena.
  • And then, our member Francesca Soffici with ModenaTur, has offered to show the families around Modena in the afternoon.
  • At the end of the tour, the IWAM representatives will present the families with welcome gifts.

IWA Modena has been supporting community associations since 2015. The Community Engagement Initiative brings together a local charity and IWA Modena members. The charity benefits by gaining more funds as well as exposure to IWA Modena members and the local community. IWA Modena members benefit by working together for a local cause, allowing them to integrate further locally while making an impact and learning about and from the local charity.

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Community Engagement

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