On 30th March, two of our members; Sofia Malagoli and Rosy Stainer, went to an ice cream shop in Modena which opened in July 2020 called Diecigusti; which means ten flavours. During the visit, the owner; Roberto Giacobazzi, and his employees, demonstrated how to make their chocolate ice cream and explained which ingredients they use, how the machine worked, the amount of time it takes to make different flavours and the method and temperature they keep it at. Interestingly, we discovered that their philosophy is to keep the number of flavours limited but deliver the best quality using the best ingredients and making smaller batches but always having fresh ice cream, to reduce waste. Members were able to ask questions and the Roberto gave an interview and tour of the shop. Of course, there was also a taste test at the end, needless to say; they approved!

Discover for yourself

If you are interested in tasting their products for yourself, their website and social media profile links and address are below. For current members, you can watch the recording of the event on the IWA Modena website recorded events page which you can access by logging in, choosing the Activities menu and Recorded Events option.

Shop Address: Via Calle di Luca 27, 41121, Modena, Italy

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/diecigusti

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gelateria.diecigusti

Website: https://diecigusti.it