On 22nd April, two of our members; Rosy Stainer and Sofia Malagoli, went for a visit to show us around the workshop of a company that makes luxurious leather goods in Modena. The owner of Silvano Biagini; Valentina Amidei, showed us around the workshop and talked to us about the different animal skins they use to make their luxury leather items. Their products range from bags, purses and wallets, to hats, belts and keyring fobs. Looking around the workshop, we were shown crocodile, python and emu leather as well as products made with them on sale in the showroom. Valentina showed us a bag pattern and explained the different jobs of the employees who work together to produce their collection. We were lucky enough to watch the start of the process to make a patchwork belt with various offcuts of different coloured leather, and how to cut the ends and flatten it before sewing. They work with a range of different companies as well as with individuals to produce one-off, show-stopping pieces.

Discover for yourself

To find out about them for yourselves, feel free to visit their website and social media accounts or contact them directly to arrange a visit in person; all their details are below. For current members, you can watch the recording of the event on the IWA Modena website recorded events page which you can access by logging in, choosing the Activities menu and Recorded Events option.

Workshop Address: Via Arturo Toscanini 77/79 41122 Modena, Italy

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/silvanobiaginiofficial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/silvanobiaginibags

Website: http://www.silvanobiagini.com

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